best programming languages for mobile app development

Top 5 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Modern day technology is stationary without the use of mobile and the most used mobiles are android in this generation. Though the other operating systems like iOS is also used in the mobiles. There are thousands of app present in the mobile, and each app needs to be created with single or compilation of several programming languages. Here we will discuss some languages which are used frequently to create a mobile app. Following are a description of some most used programming language.


Java is one of the primary language used to create mobile apps. Some of the websites created with this language are Pinterest, Uber, Trello etc.


  • The language is easy to set up and use as it is one of the easiest languages to learn.
  • It is a platform-independent language. It can run in all the platforms.
  • It supports APIs that make integration during app formation.


  • Certain complex functions can be more difficult to execute.


c# programming language for mobile app development

This language is similar to java which makes it easier to use. Some of the apps created using integration with this language are skype, Photoshop, anti-hacking apps.


  • The language is quite similar to java. So it is easier to use.
  • It uses open-source libraries, and you can get help from Anthe droid community quickly.


  • A lot of bugs can be present in the application so tech debt can mount quickly.


c++ mobile app development

A complete app cannot be created using this language only. But using this app with some other app gives security to the app. Hence it is popular in it.


  • Much more challenging to use and increases security.
  • The language is much more flexible.


  • May lead to more bugs due to increased complexity.
  • An app cannot be created solely with this language.


Python is one of the most secure apps used in creating apps. Most of the cloud security apps and websites are used to form this app. The apps created using this are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.


  • The app is used to create security more.
  • This app is more suitable for building apps in the Android app.


  • The app is quite tough to learn and use.


This language is not only used to create an app, but also, this app also creates most of the websites. And Android apps are created using this app. This language is also used to create secure websites with PHP are Wikipedia, Yahoo, WordPress.


  • The apps created with PHP runs independently of the platform available.
  • This is a server compatible app.
  • It has effective use of creating websites, apps, cloud storage etc.


  • The language is hard to learn and use.

So as we know, already, mobile apps are an unavoidable part of our daily routine. So which language you decide with to form it with or what are the better-suited languages than others are essential to know before you choose to build one. We hope our blog has helped you to learn better about the programming languages used to make mobile apps.